Which Woman Launched a Brand of Perfume Called Truth?


The guide is all about answering your question which woman launched a brand of perfume called truth? Similarly, here we will tell you in detail about Which Woman Launched a Brand of Perfume Called “Truth” and what was the reason behind it. Let’s dive into interesting information about this historical perfume brand and the real story of why Daniels decided to introduce perfume “Truth”.

Which Woman Launched a Brand of Perfume Called “Truth”?

Stormy Daniels is 39 years old entertainer and is primarily famous for sexually accusing former United States President Donald Trump. She directly claimed that Donald Trump had sexual relations with her that she couldn’t prove, and that’s why to continue her allegations against Trump, she launched her perfume brand called “Truth”.

The real name of Stormy Daniels is “Stephanie Clifford”, who gained a lot of fame and popularity when she revealed her sexual relationship with Trump. Launching the “Truth” fragrance brand was part of her legal battle against Trump.

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Additionally, before launching, her perfume brand got no chill and became famous worldwide. The tagline of gender-neutral cologne was “Embrace your Truth”, which also defines how she fights against political personality and is not afraid of fighting against power. She also took Instagram’s help to raise her voice against the powerful parties and promote her Perfume by posting relevant cologne pictures.

According to Daniel, in 2006, she had sexual relationships with Donald Trump when she was just 27 while Trump was 60 years old. Before the 2016 elections, Stormy Daniels openly discussed her relationships on media, affecting Trump’s election campaign negatively. Resultantly, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen sent $130,000 to Daniels right ten days before the 2016 elections. The reason was to stop Daniel from discussing a relationship and alleged affair with Trump.

After that, Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, sued Trump and his lawyer for invalidating the nondisclosure agreement that she signed in Oct 2016. To make her legal battle more powerful and prominent, the adult star, Daniels, introduced her limited-edition Perfume called “Truth”, which was partnered with “It’s the Bomb-manufacturers soaps and other beauty and skincare products”.

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About Truth Perfume

Fragrance Notes

The limited-edition Perfume was described as a gender-neutral scent that both men and women could use. When it comes to fragrance, it contains rose water, melon, freesia, amber, lily, tuberose, and musky notes and makes an ultimately perfect blend.


Michael Ninn, the adult film writer and the director, is Susan Hughes’s founder and works in “It’s the Bomb” company and shared much information about the truth perfume. Furthermore, Ninn designed the bottle and overall packaging of the Truth perfume.

Ninn kept the packaging a bit traditional and straightforward. Similarly, the concept was to bring something class yet elegant. The shape of the bottle is rectangular, whereas it is designed with a label and copy in black.


Hence, Daniels worked so hard in promoting her Perfume, everyone witnessed her promotional campaigns on social media, especially on Instagram. She introduced hashtags like #truth to promote the product and gave numerous interviews to the press before launching the Perfume. Further, she shared that her Perfume is for all, and by wearing this fragrance, one would feel more confident and beautiful in their skin.

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