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Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor and Rolf – the aroma of thousands of flowers gives rise to a delicious, sensual, and ultra-feminine fragrance. This fresh fragrance is remindful of pink and sparkling champagne with its notes osmanthus, orange, freesia, pink pepper, tangerine, rose, jasmine, cashmere, patchouli, and amber.

An incendiary odor sweet, natural, and fresh note with Flowerbomb perfume, invented by Domitille Berthier, Olivier Polge, and Carlos Benaim. It was introduced in 2005 as an oriental perfume. Fabien Baron designed the Flowerbomb perfume bottle, and the shape of the bottle is like Diamond-granite since it is so sophisticated, incendiary, glamorous, and explosive.

Moreover, the Flowerbomb perfumes are available in the bottle sizes: 30, 50, and 100 ml EDT and EDP. And Viktor and Rolf designer’s house introduced the 10th anniversary of the Flowerbomb perfume. It is known as one of the best feminine perfumes of all time, and it stays so long. An oriental fragrance that blows up around you with the intensity of a fresh and natural blooming garden. This fragrance is more suitable for evening events rather than day-to-day use.

“Flowerbomb perfume is the winner award of FiFi Award Best National Advertising Campaign 2006 and now ranking on the 13th Position for the world’s best feminine fragrance.”

This article is all about Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb; I hope you’ll get all your queries resolved by the end of this article.

About the Brand

The fashion house of Viktor and Rolf from Amsterdam; entered the fragrance market in 2004 to launch their first aroma. The company of Viktor and Rolf focuses on bringing the creativity and artistry from their perfumes to their clothing’s of men and women’s outfits.

All the products used in Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor and Rolf are original and natural. Viktor&Rolf Fragrances was born from the designers Viktor and Rolf – they both can transform anything into something more beautiful, sexy, and positive. Viktor and Rolf created two fragrances in collaboration with our designers: Flowerbomb and Spicebomb.

  • Flowerbomb’s perfume collection is revealed by the rising actress Anya Taylor-Joy.
  • Spicebomb’s perfume collection was revealed by the famous singer Jacob Whitesides.

Flowerbomb scent involves women who enjoy taking charge of their surroundings. Flowerbomb perfume is a transformative and iconic weapon with its collection and quantity of flowers to make everything around their surroundings seem more positive. This perfume has the power to turn the surrounding things more positive, sexy, and beautiful, so every single woman likes to wear it.

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Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf for Women, Eau de Parfum: Review

The result of the Flowerbomb perfume product is truly unique – a floral, fruity, musky scent that is strong.

The fruity-floral top notes and sweet-soft undertone make it a calming fragrance that makes you feel confident, powerful, and sexy. It is a versatile perfume that can be worn anytime, but it’s more suitable for evening or night events.

Here we’ve enlisted some of the pros and cons of this product.

Flowerbomb perfume gives the aroma of various flowers.Flowerbomb perfume will be suitable for evening events rather than day-to-day use.
It’s the perfect fragrance for fall weather.A combination of various flowers may be irritating.
Longevity is decent.It is known as a heavy perfume series with controlling notes.
Flowerbomb perfume is safe to use.Flowerbomb perfume is a little overpriced.
The sillage is good.This product is primarily available in a single size.
The size of the bottle is easy to carry in your handbags or purses. 

What do Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb smell like?

Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf is an amber-floral fragrance for women. It is an iconic women’s perfume infused with the floral aroma of jasmine, cattleyas, rose, and freesia. This pleasing, floral-vanilla scent also has notes of patchouli to create a unique, charming, and luxurious fragrance.

It is classified as a heavy, intense aroma with the dominant notes pushing forward the longevity of more than 7-8 hours life of the perfume. The milky and sweet aroma mixture makes Flowerbomb perfumes a perfect fragrance for night parties and dinner events.

However, every other perfume product smells the same as Flowerbomb perfume, but Flowerbomb perfume is considered a well-behaved and modest fragrance.

Here we’ve enlisted some of the Flowerbomb perfume product details:

Fragrance Notes

Primary notes: The primary notes of this perfume are Vanilla, White flowers, and Caramel.

Top notes: The top notes of this perfume are Berries, Freesia, Green Tea, Osmanthus, and Bergamot.

Middle notes: The middle notes of this perfume are Rose, White flowers, African Orange flower, Jasmine, and Orchid.

Base notes: The base notes of this perfume are Caramel, Patchouli, Vanilla, and Musk.

  • Best suited For

Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor and Rolf is best suited for evening events rather than applying it for daily use. And it’s a great-smelling winter fragrance for those women who want to look attractive, bright, and shiny.

  • Longevity

The longevity of Flowerbomb perfume is quite decent. This is because it stays for so long.

  • Product Details

All the products used in Flowerbomb perfume are safe to use for your skin.

  • Specialty

Phthalate-free, Colorant, Vegan, Paraben, and UV Filter Free

  • Ingredients

Vanillin, Ambroxan, Patchouli Ess, Muscenone, Cashmeran, Ethyl Maltol, Ethyl Vanillin, Dihydromyrcenol, Linalyl Acetate,  Sandalore, Cedramber, Musk T, Beta Ionone, Benzoin Siam Res, Iso E Super, Linalol, Ethyl Linalool, Osyrol, Bergamot Ess, and Benzyl Salicylate.

  • Packaging

The packaging of Flowerbomb perfume is impressive. The digital campaign and new printmaking its debut today, and it was featured by the rising actress Anya Taylor-Joy. The shape of the Flowerbomb perfume is like a Diamond-granite.

  • Customer’s reviews

Flowerbomb perfume has received many positive comments and negative comments on its aroma, bottle shape, and texture. We’ve enlisted some of the positive and negative comments below:

Positive Comments

  1. It’s pleasant, feminine, and sweet.
  2. This is a very feminine, sweet sexy perfume – that makes it a very safe blind buy and a mass pleaser.
  3. It has a pretty sweet and floral opening that’s lovely. It’s a beautiful scent.
  4. It’s a basic sweet floral, but it is pretty sure.
  5. This perfume was pure cotton candy. I was so impressed with the commercial and all the beautiful flowers.

Negative Comments

  1. It’s boring. Everybody wears it.
  2. The fragrance is not very unique.
  3. I don’t get the hype; it smells like any other designer fragrance and is very patchouli heavy.
  4. Sadly, it’s way too sweet and intense for me.
  5. I don’t understand the Flowerbomb hype, and it’s too overpriced for the 50ml bottle size.

Where to Buy Flowerbomb Perfume?

It is readily available on shopping sites, malls, and social media. Unfortunately, though the brand is active on social media, the official websites are the only source for reviewing the product details.

How to use Flowerbomb Perfume?

For instant feeling and aroma, apply the few sprays on your pulse points (behind ears, neck, or wrists.)

What is the price of Flowerbomb Perfume?

The product holds the retail price of $29 for the bottle size of 50ml/1.7 oz.

Why is Flowerbomb so popular?

Every woman’s ability to smell differently is surprising, which plays an essential role in its universal appeal. When the Flowerbomb perfume was launched ten years ago, Viktor and Rolf’s “Flowerbomb” set the world on fire. Their inception fragrance and surprises with their expeditious achievements made them a household name.

Flowerbomb feels best worn for the nights of winter and autumn; it makes you feel and smell so sexy and elegant with just a few sprays. People stay with Flowerbomb perfume because it’s natural, floral, and light.

Where is Flowerbomb made?

Flowerbomb perfume was made in France. The Flowerbomb perfume offers an ultra-feminine blast of flowers in a spin of dozens of cattleyas, hundreds of jasmine, thousands of freesia, and millions of roses.

Would we recommend Flowerbomb Perfume by Viktor and Rolf?

Yes, we recommend this perfume to women because Flowerbomb is the perfect odor fragrance, with the sweet-smelling but not too strong. And it’s ideal for every evening event.

Take Away

The Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor and Rolf concluded that this product is authorized, as many of the customers ordered the product from Dossier, social sites, and other social media marketing. The product is trustworthy and reputed with the perfect feminine fragrance. The product reviews are on the average side, but it smells so good, and it’s stayed for so long.

This perfume is the most suitable product for those who love the smells of flowers. Moreover, this product is easy to carry, easy to wear, light, floral, playful with a sexy-feminine aroma. It’s a beautiful scent. So, when you’re going to grab this product, test it before getting a few sprays on the wrist and let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and now you’ll get a better feel for middle and base notes.

In addition, the beauty product should make you feel sexy, confident, and attractive around people. So if you haven’t grabbed your hand on this product, you should go and get it. You’re going to love the Flowerbomb perfume product, its packaging, fragrance.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed and found our article helpful.

Thank you, have a nice day.

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