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Brands like Jimmy Choo Perfume were founded to make us feel beautiful, sexy, and sparkling with quality products. Firstly, the brand started manufacturing luxurious, beautiful, and unordinary shoes that most queens and celebrities wore at notable events. Apart from Jimmy Choo’s shoe popularity, the brand’s beautiful fragrances are also praiseworthy and most people’s favorite.

It all started when London’s shoemaker “Jimmy Choo” was known for his ultimate skills in making A-list shoes for ladies. He got so popular after designing shoes for Princess Diana. His mind-blowing skills got recognition, and then he launched the brand with Tamara Mellon OBE-who was the chic and savvy accessories editor at British Vogue in 1996. Similarly, Jimmy choo became a brand after that and started manufacturing high-quality shoes for celebrities and well-known personalities, and became a top designer of the era.

Along with their quality shoes, the brand started launching accessories, handbags, and fragrances that became synonymous worldwide. This guide will focus especially on Jimmy Choo’s perfumes and their details. Moreover, I will go a bit in detail about the history of the brand and how it became one of the world’s luxury brands. Also, this blog post will answer questions like is jimmy choo a good cologne, where to buy Jimmy Choo perfumes, what are the best jimmy choo fragrances, and others. So, read till the end and find the interesting information about Jimmy Choo Perfumes.

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Who Makes Jimmy Choo Perfume?

The brand was established in 1996; since then, it has been manufacturing high-quality shoes, handbags, and fragrances for women and men. It’s now considered the world’s top brand that is more likely to create accessories for numerous notable personalities. The founder Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon was running the brand, but then, the company was purchased by Capri Holdings in Nov 2017.

Let’s dive into beginning how the founder got the idea and then how it all started. Jimmy Choo, the founder of the brand, was born in 1948 in Penang, Malaysia. His father was a cobbler by profession; similarly, he started helping his father in shoemaking at an early age. Then, when Jimmy was 11, he managed to repair his first shoe, and then his father noticed his interest in the shoe repairing and designing field. So, he planned to learn more valuable skills in shoemaking from outside of his boundaries; similarly, he went to England in 1980.

After taking training, he opened his first shop in England and helped numerous people by making, designing shoes for them. After that, he got inspired by the idea, and that’s how he managed to launch his fashion company in 1996 and named it “Jimmy Choo. After launching, the company got orders from numerous famous personalities. Similarly, Jimmy Choo started dressing celebrities or Hollywood Stars for notable events like Oscars, etc., and kept gaining attention with accessories, shoes, and handbags.

Later the brand started formulating fragrances in 2011 and released numerous luxury perfumes to date. Jump into the next heading to read more about Jimmy Choo Perfumes.

Jimmy Choo Perfumes

The brand is started making perfumes in 2011 with the collaboration of various skillful perfumers including Olivier Polge, Domitille Michalon Bertier, Veronique Nyberg, Nathalie Lorson, Louise Turner, Louise Turner, Christophe Raynaud, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Christine Nagel, Anne Flipo, Michel Almairac, Alienor Massenet, Nicolas Beaulieuu, Amandine Clerc-Marie, Amandine Clerc-Marie, Caroline Dumur, and Clément Marx.

The perfume collections consist of mesmerizing Jimmy Choo perfumes for men, women, and unisex. To date, a total of 36 perfumes was released by the brand that all are unique because of the ultimate fragrance notes and quality factors.

Therefore, the Jimmy Choo perfume brand is also considered one of the qualities and A-list companies that makes luxury fragrances for all.

Why People Choose Jimmy Choo Perfume?

Mostly, worldwide numerous people use Jimmy choo fragrances as their signature scent and consider wearing them for different special occasions. However, some people don’t find that attraction in Kimmy Choo colognes. They think the perfume brand is overrated and does not deserve the fame that it has. But it’s not true; the company deserves recognition and fame because their perfumes meet the highest standards. Some factors would tell why one opts for Jimmy Choo perfume. They are:


As mentioned above, Jimmy choo company was established in 1996, which means it is one of the world’s experienced brands. Similarly, it has numerous years of experience and information about the international Fashion market. Still, the company is earning the highest profits because of having adequate knowledge of industry and fashion trends. Therefore, they know how to take care of customers’ preferences and their needs. Till now, the brand is successfully offering quality products that customers love and always gives positive reviews.

Brand’s Value

The fashion company has earned the name and become world-famous just because of unending hard work. Similarly, if the brand reaches that level, that there is a guarantee, they provide high-quality products. Therefore, it’s safe for people to trust top brands because they never disappoint their valuable customers by supplying unauthentic or low-quality products.

Attractive Packaging

Most people gift their partners alluring and sensual perfumes on every special occasion when it comes to gifting. Similarly, people get attracted to the packaging first, then comes to fragrance. Jimmy Choo offers both the quality scent along with beautiful packaging that is hard for one to resist.

Support of Professional Brand Ambassadors

The best thing about Jimmy Choo is that the company collaborates with trustable perfumers like Olivier Polge, Olivier Polge, Nathalie Lorson, Veronique Nyberg, and Veronique Nyberg. The collaboration with the world’s famous perfumers describes how the brand ensures quality products for their valuable customers.

The Jimmy Choo Collections


The seduction collection contains a total of 6 fragrance collections. It is the newest collection of Jimmy Choo that was designed only for women. Similarly, the fragrances are sensual and feminine that is attractive and alluring. The perfumes this collection contains are:

  1. Radiant Tuberose
  2. I Want Oud
  3. Vanilla Love
  4. Iris Crush
  5. Amber Kiss
  6. Tempting Rose

Jimmy Choo Man

The collection consists of all men’s fragrances that are why its name is the “Jimmy Choo Man” collection. Additionally, the scents of this collection are categorized with slightly different fragrance notes. The perfumes this collection contains are:

  1. Man Blue
  2. Man Ice
  3. Man Intense
  4. Man


The illicit collection is all about floral and sensual feminine scents. Along with its fragrance, the bottles and packaging of perfumes sustain extra attention. Furthermore, it is one of the trademark scents of the brand. The collection contains two perfumes that are:

  1. Illicit
  2. Illicit Flower
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FAQs About Jimmy Choo Perfumes

Is Jimmy Choo perfume Good?

The world’s top perfumers design the fragrances of Jimmy Choo with their ultimate skills. The scents are mesmerizing, less alluring, but noticeable. However, perfumes contain strong sillage and superior longevity. Hence, they are always the best choice for one to consider as a signature scent.

How Much is Jimmy Choo Cologne?

The price range of Jimmy Choo Perfumes starts from 50$ and ends at 100$. However, the price also varies on the size of the bottle. Similarly, the 40ml Jimmy choo bottle (considered a small bottle) is comparatively cheap than the larger bottles.

Which Jimmy Choo Perfume Smells the Best?

All Jimmy Choo colognes smell best. However, the best one is dependent on the user’s preferences. Similarly, according to most users, Jimmy Choo Blossom is a unique best smelling perfume. Its attractive combination of woody aromas with fruity, floral notes makes the cologne mesmerizing.

What is the Newest Jimmy Choo Perfume?

“Seduction” is the new collection of Jimmy Choo, launched in 2020. The collection contains six fragrances, including Vanilla love, I want Oud, Radiant Tuberose, Iris Crush, Amber kiss, and Tempting Rose.

Which Jimmy Choo Perfume is the Best for Men and Women?

Jimmy Choo Man Intense is a good scent for men because of its strong sillage and appealing fragrance notes. At the same time, Jimmy Choo for women is considered one of the best smelling fragrances for ladies due to its sweet feminine notes.

Who Makes Jimmy Choo Perfume?

All the Jimmy Choo perfumes are designed under the umbrella of well-known world perfumers, including Olivier Polge, Nathalie Lorson, Anne Flipo, Alienor Massenet, Veronique Nyberg, and others. Similarly, that’s the reason why the brand successfully designs and offers competitive fragrances all the time.

How Many Jimmy Choo Perfumes are There?

The brand has launched a total of 34 fragrances to date and is busy manufacturing more wonderful scents. In the future, the brand will offer more mesmerizing colognes for all.

Where to Buy Jimmy Choo Perfume?

From the brand’s official website, one can place an order for their favorite Jimmy Choo cologne. Additionally, there are numerous brand outlets and stores available worldwide from where anyone can purchase at that time. Moreover, if you are more interested in online shopping and want to avoid difficult processes, buy now from Amazon. On Amazon, it’s effortless to place an order; similarly, the process is quite straightforward. Additionally, one would receive their desired perfume at the doorstep within a week. So, the best platform for buying Jimmy choo perfume online is Amazon.

Therefore, the shoe brand Jimmy Choo has now become famous for its outstanding collections of fragrances. Therefore, worldwide, people enjoy the ultimate mesmerizing scents and impress others with attractive notes.

I hope you like this extensive article about Jimmy Choo Perfumes; if you want us to write on any other interesting topic, feel free to tell us in the comments. Also, check out more relevant articles below.

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