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A longstanding symbol of traditional British luxury, Burberry’s pedigree is deep-rooted in the world of London fashion. This clothier turned perfumer has a reputation for classic, polished styles that extend to everything from their trademark plaid to their line of minimalist fragrances.

The Burberry fragrance collection is a scion of iconic and modern beauty traditions. Introduced in 2000, this Burberry cologne is a blend of woody, floral, and musk notes while still having a masculine presence. It is a well-known brand for its stylish men’s clothing line, but the London-based company also has a men’s fragrance line. One particular cologne is Burberry Touch for men.

In our Burberry Touch for men* review, we’ll evaluate every aspect of this popular cologne.

About the Manufacturer

Burberry Touch is marketed by Burberry and created by Jean-Pierre Bethouart. He was born and raised in Picardy, part of the historic Hauts-de-France region that ranges from Paris to the Champagne vineyards and the Bay Somme beaches. Jean-Pierre started in chemistry before deciding to switch careers to the perfume industry, leading to manufacturing top-selling burberry touch perfume.

He started work with Givaudan in 1981, staying with the company until 1987 where he moved to Firmenich. With over 50 fragrances to his credit, Jean-Pierre Bethouart has become a leading nose for Burberry.

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About the Burberry Touch For Men

Scent Notes

Burberry Touch is one of the lighter colognes for men. It does not have the first masculine scent that is often associated with other Burberry for men fragrances. The top notes are both flowery and citrusy, with notes of Mandarin orange, artemisia, and violet leaf. It gives the cologne a light and refreshing scent.

The cologne’s body or mid notes are what give it a slightly spicy, masculine scent. Cedar and nutmeg are combined with the spice of white pepper. When the cologne settles, the subtle base notes appear. Smooth Vetiver is combined with white musk and tonka bean.

Packaging and Presentation

You expect classic packaging from the London company. The cologne mirrors the brand’s traditional designs like their tasteful clothing, and the box features a grey plaid design with red accents. The white letter is discrete and distinctive.

The crystal cologne bottle echoes the brand’s classic style. The clear bottle lacks decoration, except for the Burberry logo, and a black top completes the presentation. If you enjoy displaying your colognes, the Burberry Touch will add a touch of class and elegance.

A small atomizer allows you to disperse the perfect amount of fragrance. You can use a broad mist or a more targeted spray.

Personal Impressions

Burberry Touch cologne is not overly masculine. Instead, it has a feminine side that is appealing to women and guys. The violet leaf, combined with Mandarin orange, gives it a light and tropical fragrance. The cologne is unique and blended beautifully.

While the individual notes are detectable, they also don’t separate or overpower each other. Anyone looking for a lightly spicy and woodsy scent will appreciate the nuances of Burberry Touch.


Our Burberry Touch for men review found that the cologne has a moderate range. It won’t overpower others. Instead, it is more likely to be subdued by another scent. Longevity is also average. You can expect the fragrance to last for five to six hours. As the cologne dries and wears off, the musk and spices in the base notes will become more noticeable.

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Burberry Touch Eau De Toilette For Men Review


  • Top: Black pepper, cedar, and violet
  • Heart: Geranium and white thyme    
  • Base: Vetiver

It has a clean aroma highlighted by pepper and violet leaf. It’s sweet yet spicy and also has a creamy/powdery feeling just underneath it all. The pepper spice is most pronounced in the opening bit of time, much like in Burberry London.

During the dry-down period, tonka bean and musk join up to give touch a bit more character. It’s almost too simple how this cologne presents itself, and the changes are so subtle at times that you almost cannot detect a difference.

Touch is a very versatile fragrance suitable for a wide variety of occasions and weather conditions—really underrated stuff. In addition, touch is a clean fragrance and, even while being simple, is still unique from so many other colognes out on the market.

The latter stages give me a clean soapy/body wash feeling, but more upscale than the average soap.

I cannot even think of one that smells quite like Burberry Touch, even after almost two decades since its release. It is a masculine floral fragrance with plenty of violet leaf and musk but supported by an array of notes that set it apart.

The sillage here isn’t too strong, but the longevity is still quite good. This could easily be daily wear or a signature scent for guys in the daytime.

  • Clean and refreshing scent
  • Every day, versatile fragrance
  • A little goes a long way
  • It is a classic Burberry scent  
  • Easy to carry 
  • The spice notes can be too strong on some
  • Will finish quickly

Ideal For

Touch for Men is best for those who don’t want to be defined by their fragrance. Instead, its versatile and refreshing scent allows you to take center stage, with a subtle reminder of that soft smell.

Customer Reviews

This refreshing scent has become popular with those who don’t want to overpower everything else around them. Based on the burberry touch review, customers love it and said it is the best smelling, most complimented cologne they have ever had.


Great for everyday use, whether at the office or during that upcoming vacation, Touch for Men is easy to wear. A few soft spritzes, and you’re set for the rest of the day. Its lingering aroma of violets and cedarwood combine to create a subtle reminder of the man wearing it.

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Who Would Like It?

Men and women of all ages will appreciate the fresh scent of burberry touch men’s cologne. It was created to bridge the gap between masculine solid scented colognes and floral ones. The lighter scent also makes the cologne ideal for young guys new to wearing cologne. Even when it’s overapplied, it’s still not overbearing.

Some women are also interested in men’s fragrances as they look for something a little less flowery. Due to the top floral notes, combined with the milder mid and base ones, Burberry Touch* is an excellent cologne for women that enjoy wearing scents designed for men.

Where Should You Wear It?

There isn’t a wrong place to wear Burberry men’s cologne. It’s appropriate for any occasion. It’s also a good fragrance for all four seasons. The spicy undertones give the cologne a little edgy appeal that’s perfect for dates. The fresh scent also works well at the office.

Young guys headed to the school dance won’t find themselves stuck in the corner. The classic Burberry fragrance gives any young gentleman the confidence he needs in any social setting. Anytime you want to make a favorable impression, a splash of Burberry Touch is a perfect choice without overstating it.

Where Can You Buy It?

Burberry may be an English company, but that doesn’t mean you have to travel to London. It is a worldwide company that also has an online presence. You will find Burberry Touch* in most department stores, along with online shops.

There are two sizes to choose from. The 1.7oz is ideal for guys that aren’t sure what they like in a cologne. Depending on how often you use the fragrance, it’s the right amount to try the scent for a few weeks or months. There is also a more significant 3.3oz option for those committed to the light, woodsy scent.  If you want to make an impression, choose the Burberry for a men’s gift set.

What is the price of Burberry Touch For Men?

It will cost you around $38 to $48 from amazon.


Even though it is similar to Burberry Touch for men, it does not have the subtle floral scent that men and women love. Instead, you’ll notice deeper musk notes, along with hints of ginger.

Burberry cologne is a classic fragrance that epitomizes British casual elegance. It is understated while still having a spicy and woodsy presence.

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